I define social resilience as a "social phenomenon characterized by vulnerable individuals’ or groups’ social experiences and social practices in the face of political, economic, cultural, and social (PECS) environmental changes and challenges. Individuals or groups going through this experience learn to re-examine their lives in the new context and shape their adaptive and transformational capabilities (Qamar, 2023:3)". Hence, I see social resilience fostered by togetherness (of people and instituions). My scholarly journey to conceptualize social resilience led me to design this website where I post articles, talks, and other relevant content to unfold the concept in its contextual depth. This website is an online space providing interesting readings for a better insight into the concept and its theoretical framing in research and practice. I dream a world where human are valued, included, and supported to lighten the lives together by benefiting each other through sociability and connectedness. I believe in lighting up the lives together. The art of living together is not hard to master.



Researching Social Resilience in the Context of Migrants’ Life Transition: A Qualitative Methodological Mosaic

Social dimensions of resilience and climate change: a rapid review of theoretical approaches

Conceptualizing social resilience in the context of migrants’ lived experiences



What is social resilience? From a non-social view to the social perspectives on resilience.

Social construction of social resilience. A constructionsit perspective on resilience.

Social resilience and social capital. A direct relationship between resilience and all forms of social capital



Oxytocin and its Role in Political and Social Life - A talk with Julian Reid (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland, Finland)

Vulnerability, Precariousness, and Social Resilience - A talk with Dr Zeliha Öcek (Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU). Munich, Germany), and Sylvia Agbih (University of Augsburg. Germany)

Social Resilience and Community - A talk with Dr. Eleni Kalantidou (Griffith University, Australia)

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